Girls in Boy Briefs

I am a 27yo guy who loves a hot girl wearing boy briefs. Pics of girls in boy briefs seem to hard to find, so Ill put the ones I find here.

Feel free to submit photos you find. I only have 30 pics or so, so I need help. Personal submissions would also be fun. I have a few to post of my girlfriend, so look for those in the coming weeks.


Most guys prefer their girlfriend, slave, sub, pet, little girl, or baby girl to wear a thong or some sort of sexy pantie when she is wearing panties, but….. I am not like most guys. 

I prefer my baby girl to wear cute cotton panties with cute prints, designs, or animations. Whether it is hearts, flowers, polka dots, hello kitty, some printed animal like a penguin, and even pretty designed cotton panties with a little bow. When I have a baby girl, she is too little to be wearing thongs, I personally do not find them very attractive. These panties is what keeps her innocence and brings out that little in her. 

If your a guy and prefer a girl to wear cute cotton panties like these instead of thongs, then like and reblog this.

If your a girl and prefer to wear cute cotton panties like these instead of thongs, then like and reblog this. 

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My body looks cool today.

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Wht are you playing girls? <3 <3

The youth  … 3:) right here: 

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Get ready for tomorrows hardcore lesbian set!!!! 

Yuffie Yulan and Bonnie Rose!!! 2 absolute filth bags!

lots of Anal, Fisting, screaming, licking, orgasms and pussy juices


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Forever my favorite picture.


Forever my favorite picture.

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DC themed Sundies!! Thanks to xhumed for helping take this amazing shot!

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Spiderman Underwear. - Cosplayed by Nikasaur, Photography by Daemon Donigan

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